GOAT Coffee Maker: Review

I have been on the lookout for a coffee maker without any plastic or aluminum parts. I’ve read too many articles on Wellness Mama about the harm that can be done with leaching, and decided I was done with it. If I get cancer one day, it won’t be because of my coffee brewing techniques. I have yet to find a “clean” pressure espresso maker (if you know of one, hollah at yo girl!), but I have been using this Ikea gem! I know I could also use a french press, but ya gurl is far too lazy to clean that sh*t out right. Ask my husband. I do a terrible job!

This all changed this week, when I came home to a package! Yo, nothing is more exciting than opening packages, especially when they’re presents! My husband had bought me the GOAT coffee maker (side note: Instagram ads DO work)! So, my friends, without further ado, is Psuedo Midlife Crisis’ first ever review!

So here she is – the Gina! There are two versions of this gal: the basic and the electronic one. The electronic version has a built in scale and an app that connects to your phone so that you can brew the perfect cup. While I think the scale is super nifty, I think the app is basically a timer.

The dopest thing is that this one piece can make coffee using three methods: pour over, immersion and cold brew! I’m not typically a cold brew fan, but I’ll give it a shot eventually! I was most excited about the immersion – which allows for a fuller body cup of joe.

Here she is, ready to go! The Gina is made out of ceramic, glass and steel – no bad boys here! First impression? Aesthetic AF!

The small glass container inside is for the cold brew to filter through. It came with 50 smaller filters for it.

It also has a knob, that can be closed for the immersion technique, or just to let the coffee bloom while making a pour over!

I used the Gina this morning for my cup of joe, and I must say that it gave me a very tasty cup of coffee! I used the pour over technique, but I am excited to try immersion to see what flavors will come out. Overall, I think it is a beautiful coffee maker. I do wish that the basic version had a scale built in, to really make it into the all in one tool for coffee junkies. It might be a tad bit pricey, but if you value a soid cup of coffee – try it out!