Emetophobia and Pregnancy

Vomiting scares the hell out of me. "Okay Jeanette, no one likes throwing up - stop being dramatic." I've heard it over and over growing up. Here's the thing. It's not just not "liking" vomiting. It's a constant anxiety. It's panic attack inducing. It's something that changes the way I live. Emetophobia is the phobia … Continue reading Emetophobia and Pregnancy

I Haven’t Written in a While (word vomit)

I had grand plans of writing at least once a week once quarantine began, but I haven't. I think it would be good for my soul and all that if I did but for some reason, it's easier to just not. Today is day 41. Since then, I've left my house for some walks (which … Continue reading I Haven’t Written in a While (word vomit)