Where I’m Rushing To

If I could figure that out, it would make life a lot easier to understand. For as long as I can remember, I've rushed. I rush through tasks, I rush through stages of life, I rush through damn near everything. I rush through fun stuff... in anticipation of the next chore I need to tackle. … Continue reading Where I’m Rushing To

I Haven’t Written in a While (word vomit)

I had grand plans of writing at least once a week once quarantine began, but I haven't. I think it would be good for my soul and all that if I did but for some reason, it's easier to just not. Today is day 41. Since then, I've left my house for some walks (which … Continue reading I Haven’t Written in a While (word vomit)

Life Lately

I have been neglectful AF towards this blog - which is audacious considering I pay to have it! I don't even have a good excuse - I've been on summer break for the last two weeks doing nothing but going to yoga and annoying my husband. I thought it'd be fun to do a quick … Continue reading Life Lately