About Jeanette

Hi there! I guess this is my little corner of the internet eh? Imagine if there were internet real estate brokers… I digress. My name is Jeanette, but you can call me Jeanette (or J.Dawg, it’s what I go by in my head). I’m a twenty something year old who talks too much, drinks more coffee than any sane human should and is humored by just about everything.

I went through my first mid-life crisis at the ripe age of 20. I cried on my birthday, confused about where I was going in life. Mind you, I hadn’t even graduated college at that point. I had another one recently, and I’ve decided that instead of giving in to my old age, I’ll write about it here. Here, you will find my rants and epiphanies. Follow along as I become the most enlightened millennial there ever was!