Jeanette’s Story

Here is my story. The good and the bad.

I like to hear people’s stories. I like to learn about other’s experiences. I’m the kind of person who can strike up a conversation with a stranger and they will tell me their deepest, darkest secrets. It’s a gift I have. This corner of the internet, though, is for my story.

I started this blog as an outlet for my anxiety several years back but never took it very seriously. The name comes from what that period in my life felt like – a pseudo midlife crisis. I was 21 and was going through what felt like a midlife crisis of a 45-year-old.

My name is Jeanette. I’m a mama to the most wonderful one-year-old in all of the world (I may be biased). I’m a special education teacher in Chicago. I’m as wanderlust as it gets – booking flights gives me an adrenaline rush. I love books, conversations, strong hot coffee, and thrift shopping. Those are all the “fun” things about me.

I suffer from mental health issues – a whole bucket full of em! In high school, I had an eating disorder (I guess have is a more appropriate word – they never go away). I’ve always struggled with anxiety. After giving birth to my daughter, I developed postpartum depression and psychosis. This is the “less fun” part of me.

I’m dealing with my issues and hoping to set a better example for my daughter. I’m a firm believer in therapy, good friends, and long cries. This is my corner of the internet, where I will tell you my thoughts and my experiences. I hope you stick around!

Here, I will write about motherhood, travels, and the musings of a self-proclaimed neurotic human.

Me and Luna (I’m the one on the left)