The Office Themed Birthday Party

We celebrated my daughter’s first birthday last week with a party themed after The Office!

June 13th, 2021 was my daughter’s first birthday. It was also the anniversary of me being in labor for 30 hours and giving birth unmedicated, in the middle of the pandemic. With that being said, her birthday party theme was 100% my choice and for my pleasure. What was this theme you ask? The Office, duh. As in the TV show.

I spent months planning for this party and I was really pleased with how it came out. The confusion of the older members of the family alone made it worth it. I hope you enjoy all the details in the Youtube video below. I attached photos of the shindig as well!

The Birthday Girl

Of course we had to dress her as Dwight
Smash cake
Smash cake success

The Environment

More details can be seen in the video, but here’s a few photos I took before the party got started!

Smash cake set up
Party favors!
Serenity by Jan
Serenity by Jan
Party food

The Food

What’s a party without food? It may not have been classy, but I was able to incorporate quite a few of The Office jokes into the cuisine of the day! My favorite was probably the birthday cake!

Kelly's birthday cake
Michael's homemade potato salad
Stanley and Dwight's meatballs
Michael's cheese puffs
Big Tuna Fish
Andy's kit kats
Nard dogs
Failure of stapler jello
I failed at making the stapler jello.

The Aftermath

While Luna may not have understood the party, I think she had a pretty great time. Now to get ready for next year’s party. Shall we do Handmaids Tale or Dave as the theme?!

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