A Lovely Weekend

I had a lovely weekend, and I really needed it. I’ve felt so tired lately. I think it has to do with the monotony of the day to day life. We’re 11 days away from Spring Break, and I am yearning for it and our trip. I’m so damn grateful that I have the opportunity to truly get away several times a year and reset. This weekend was full of friends, my love, nature and self care and it felt so damn good.

Hubby and I ventured out to the Morton Arboretum yesterday afternoon and it felt so good to be near trees. There was a study I heard of that said that the effect that being in nature has can last weeks, and I’m a believer in that!

It was chilly, which meant it was not crowded, which was exactly what I was hoping for. We took a nice two mile walk through the trees, stopping to admire the trolls along the way. The arboretum has an exhibit of 15 different trolls by the artist Thomas Dambo and it was quirky and fun to see the menacing things the trolls were up to. If you’re interested, I believe that they will be around until the summer!

This weekend I also finished up Under the Tuscan Sun, which was a beautifully written book but quite repetitive and slow for my taste. I also went to a CorePower class for the first time in a loooooong time, and damn, did it hurt so good! We went to a sculpt class – which felt more like an aerobics class than yoga, but I won’t complain. I think I would like to make yoga a more regular thing – maybe even my main exercise source!

Between the yoga, the time with hubby and friends, nature and good ole’ reading, I had a lovely weekend – just the kind of weekend I needed. Happy Monday ya’ll!

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