Turning a House into a Home

It’s been a long week. I’m the type of person who thrives on 8 (preferably 9) hours of sleep a night and that has just not been happening. Granted, big changes have been underway for us, and they are totally worth the sleepless nights.

Yesterday, we moved into our big kids house – meaning not a one bedroom apartment. It’s been a long ride here but I’m so thankful we were able to take it!

Us, in all our chaotic glory

I’m so excited to be here, but I’ll admit I cried a bit leaving the old apartment. It feels like a new chapter in our lives have begun, and I need to store the memories from the three years we spend in our apartment away. It was our first home, which we bought when I was 22 and my husband was 24. Then, it was a dream come true that we were even allowed to purchase it! It was a good home for us. We grew up there, together and on our own. We hosted our first Thanksgiving there. We (half-assesdly) celebrated three Hanukkah’s in that home. We laughed, cried and laughed a million more times there.

The day we moved into our first home

Growing up, my family moved around often. We moved around on the island for a while, then moved to Washington, then back to the island. Finally, we moved to Illinois – where we continued to move about 5 or 6 times. The house my husband and I lived in was the first house that really felt like a home to me. It was ours, and it was special. It still is special.

How adorable is this though?

But nonetheless, I’m elated to be here, in the new home. I was unpacking a box yesterday, and something fell. My first thought was “Fack, I hope I didn’t wake the neighbors.” Then, I remembered I no longer have neighbors. SCORE!

This is the home that will soon, hopefully, be filled with the sounds of children laughing and playing. This is the home that we will continue to grow in and make memories in. This is a new chapter for us.

We have our work cut out for us. At the moment boxes are sprawled everywhere. There aren’t any window treatments or closet storage installed. We’ll be living in chaos for a bit, but I’m okay with that. We’re building a house that is a home and that takes time.

Shout out to the South Side, for being our first home

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