Logic vs. Emotion: A Stupid Fight

It’s 11:17pm on a Friday night, which is approximately 2-3 past my bedtime. I have a flight out to Denver in the morning and Chicago is awaiting a storm, so naturally I’m staying up late to see what happens. As if my staying up will sway to the storm to stay away. Shoo, shoo snow goblins, shoo shoo! 

While awaiting the storm, I perused the internet and found myself taking a Myer-Briggs test. 40 multiple choice questions later, and it has come to my attention that my personality type is that of a ISTJ. I remember taking the same test at some point in high school and college, but the only letter that I recall being the same was the I. Once an introvert, always an introvert I guess.

Now, just to be sure, I took the same test on another site. Lo and behold, here were my results *drum roll please*

So I guess I am an ISTJ. So what does that mean. I guess I’m introverted, observant, a thinker who judges others and has a turbulent relationship with my own identity.

I agree with most of this, except for the logic part. Generally, people view logic as the opposite of emotion, right? However – think about emotion. Why is it there? Why do we have feelings? Probably because our ancestors had to trust that feeling of hair raising on the back of their neck to realize a predator was there. Probably because science wasn’t around – there were no microscopes or research committees. EMOTION WAS LOGIC. Emotion was reason.

Our society says it’s one or the other. I say otherwise. The definition of the word logic is reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity. Why is how I feel not a valid way to conduct myself and my choices? Emotion is an instinct, or an innate response to a stimuli. When you are tired, you sleep because its an innate response. When you drink water, you pee. When you feel, you and your entire body are responding to a response.

I think humans underestimate the power of our emotions. I believe that our subconsious and our feelings are powerful and not yet fully understood. I believe that my logic is based on my emotion, and I am perfectly happy with that. I believe that I am a person who is fairly in tune with her body. I know not to eat dairy and that I need 9 hours of sleep a night. I know that I need alone time in the morning in order to set myself up for a positive day. I know that I cry to let go of emotion. I know my body. I think if more people would listen to theirs, they would feel the same way. But then again, I’m an introvert and don’t really empathize with others, according to my personality test (and my husband).

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