The Journey Begins

I just  had a full on 24-year-old tantrum about how I am not where I should be. Let me clarify that I do not believe that the world should be handed to me, but I do believe that I am a capable human being who is not currently living up to their potential. So here is my journey – one to fulfillment or at least striving towards it. I am not sure why I am writing this blog, what I will write about or if a single soul will read this (other than my dad, because yanno, he’s my dad and he HAS to. Also he loves googling me – it makes me feel famous ). Maybe this will just be an accountability blog for myself. SO HERE IT GOES. I, J-dawg, will be on the journey to self improvement, happiness and a worthwhile life, as of today, December 2nd, 2018. Oh yah, Happy Hanukkah. I guess today is a damn good day to start this.

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